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The Cyprus Emergency lasted from 1955-1960, after nationalist group EOKA (Ethniki Prganosis Kyprion Agoniston/the National Organisation of Cypriot Fighters) launched a violent campaign to remove the British from Cyprus in order to allow reunification with Greece. Much of the conflict occurred around the capital city of Nicosia.

Up to 25,000 troops were involved in the conflict, and 371 British servicemen lost their lives on the island. Our collection of 457 records contains information such as the deceased soldier’s name, age, place of birth, family details, military rank and unit, date, place, and cause of death.

The conflict came to a close in 1959 with the Zurich/London Agreements, which ended British rule in Cyprus. A new Republic of Cyrus was created in 1960, and the country became a member of the Commonwealth of Nations in 1961.

These records have been compiled by Martin Edwards and are published by arrangement.