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These records, released online for the very first time in association with The National Archives in London, reveal the hitherto hidden stories behind non-commissioned officers and airmen. These men came from over 30 countries, including 18 who were born in Germany, and formed the bulk of the Royal Air Force during World War One.

Airman is a generic term for anybody in the RAF, whether they flew or not, including ground crews and engineers. The record set comprises 342,818 records from 1912 to 1939. Record-keeping began with the inception of the RAF on 1 April 1918, however our collection also includes retrospective details of earlier service in the Royal Flying Corps or Royal Naval Air Service.

Each record contains information such as age, religious denomination, physical description, trade classification, special qualifications, awards or decorations, details of former service, will particulars, military training, details of promotions, reductions, casualties and details of injuries attained during service. Next of kin are also often mentioned, and this too has been fully indexed and is easily searchable.